1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible For Sale $55,000
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1970 Challenger Convertible 500 Stroker!  This Challenger started out with a 318 2bbl, power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, air conditioning and lighting group in 1970. 

When I got the car it had a 1974 440 engine: low compression (8.0:1) with a very mild cam.  It probably had all of 250 Horsepower at 10 mpg or less!  With that mileage I want the performance that should go with it, I had the 440 rebuilt to a 500 STROKER, not too radical as I enjoy driving the car and do not want to lose the reliability.   

When I was a kid I had always wanted to buy a Challenger.  At that time my Dad would not let me get one saying it was to powerful and that maybe one day I would be able to.  It has been a long time waiting.  In order to get the Challenger I had to sell my last project car, a 1967 Camaro RS Convertible, numbers matching!  This car had been a Calendar Car and even in Car Craft Magazine!  Oh well....    

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